We are happy to be involved in a host of commercial property undertakings, and we have considerable experience of working in, on and around occupied commercial premises.

Examples of our ability to understand and work with very strict logistics and directives in relation to occupied commercial premises can be found within some of our recently completed engagements. We have experience of working in multi-occupier office buildings, mixed use (residential and commercial) buildings, public concourses, shops and factories. We are more than capable of assisting with the temporary closure of parts of commercial premises, the creation of alternative means of access as well as noise, vibration and pollutant reduction. We are also well versed in the complexities of bringing plant and machinery on site as well as construction materials into our clients working environments, including medical premises, which require hygiene measures to be respected and enforced at all times.

In one recent City of London undertaking we were engaged to carry out a complete building refurbishment, both interior and exterior, including replacement of the lifts, creation of new male and female washroom facilities and an entirely new heating/air conditioning and environmental control system. Throughout the course of this work, the entire building was occupied on a 24 hour, 7 day week basis and one of the many site requirements was to ensure continuity of facilities and operational capabilities for all the tenants within the building and to maintain harmony between ourselves and the tenants as well as the site owners and managing agents. To add to the complexities of this particular engagement, the property itself was listed, situated on the edge of a public concourse, in a no-through road adjacent to one of London’s busiest railways stations. It was a challenging set of circumstances, but the project was completed on time, on budget and to the client’s complete satisfaction.

Many commercial premises have additional considerations, among these are environmental in the case of catering or beverage businesses, and hygiene and health in the case of medical facilities. Frequently we encounter asbestos, but we are experienced in dealing with and arranging for its removal and safe disposal.

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