Environmental & Ecological Policy

At Vanilla – Properties of Distinction we are committed to achieving high ecological standards. We are of the firm belief that we can certainly perform our role in ensuring the protection of both the environment and our obligations to our clients.

We keep at the forefront of our working methods and material purchases the consideration of the environment and the sustainability of the supplies used and we work towards being as environmentally aware as possible.

We purchase all our material from highly reputable organisations and work in collaboration with our trading partners to keep as up to date as possible on new ecological concepts and ideas.

Right from the concept stage of a project, throughout its construction and right up to the final completion of any project, we strive to use sustainable materials to achieve the most ecologically viable buildings.

Here at Vanilla – Properties of Distinction we continually work towards improving our waste disposal, recycling where possible, again only using highly reputable trading partners to assist in achieving these goals and thereby attempting to do our part to reduce landfill waste and natural resource depletion.

We also work towards reducing energy consumption both with the equipment that we use to construct buildings and structures’ as well as within the finished buildings themselves. We are continually learning as much as possible about building products that work to minimise energy consumption, aid in saving energy and reducing omissions and incorporating energy saving appliances, machinery and equipment in our designs wherever possible.

It is one of our objectives to build and work towards leaving a lasting legacy that benefits our clients in the long term when it comes to their construction requirements. We recognise that energy efficiency philosophies at an early stage of design and planning of any construction project is absolutely vital with ever increasing cost consequences of rising fuel overheads and reduced availability and supply.

We also look at creating better indoor and outdoor environments when in consultation with our clients in order to assist with a wide range of health challenges such as asthma, headaches, eczema etc. We have an ethos of using eco-friendly methods and materials to not only help the individual but to also improve the health of the planet and the individuals occupying their place on earth.

This in turn can often lead to supporting the local community and economy which can result in improving, not only the wellbeing of our clients but help the construction industry as a whole. Here at Vanilla – Properties of Distinction we firmly believe in taking responsibility for adopting eco—friendly practices, obtaining eco and environmentally friendly materials and products and working closely with our trading partners in this regard. By investing now in this ethos and good practice, we can work towards “Green Building” by the efficient use of renewable and local resources, minimising the energy required to construct the project and the energy required to run the building once completed.

It is of course sometimes necessary to use conventional building construction methods and materials, but where possible these are inter-twined with modern eco-friendly products. For example :- sustainably managed forests, non-toxic paints and preservatives, solar panelling, low energy light bulbs and energy saving devices and appropriate insulation products to name but a few .

As more and more countries are making eco-construction a priority, education and good working practices in this area are essential for the construction industry in the United Kingdom. Vanilla – Properties of Distinction are proud to be one of the organisations who are at the vanguard of this initiative. We shall continue to work closely with our clients as well as our trading partners, both in the supplier chain and workforce resource as well as Building Control and local planning authority departments to achieve the highest possible standards.

Eco-friendly, environmentally friendly building and good practice towards “Green Building” is not a fad or a fashion accessory, it is an essential requirement that Vanilla – Properties of Distinction recognise and work towards achieving. We invite you to join us in this critical mission.