Hazardous Materials and Chemicals

Here at Vanilla – Properties of Distinction we take the environment and its well being very seriously.

Chemicals and hazardous materials can obviously be harmful to both human health, animals and the environment. The effects of chemicals or hazardous materials, if not dealt with appropriately, can have long lasting effects and can cause problems either immediately, or over an extended period of time. It is therefore essential that hazardous materials and chemicals are dealt with appropriately and treated and disposed of safely.

Hazardous materials can be categorised into the following. Some hazardous materials can be considered to be always hazardous, these can include lead acid or fluorescent tubes. Never hazardous, such as edible food oil, or that they may not be hazardous but need to be assessed. For example, this could be any paint or old decorating materials. Some hazardous materials and chemicals can be easily identified and put into the correct category but some may not be always so easy to define. Often chemicals or liquids are decanted into different containers from their original packaging and might potentially be hazardous, volatile or fire hazards such as petrol, paint thinners or garden fertiliser.

There are always issues when trying to deal with the unknown which is why Vanilla – Properties of Distinction will always, when necessary, take the steps of conducting land risk assessments or hazardous and chemical assessment reports as well as risk assessments on any chemicals or potentially hazardous materials that we may come across on any of our projects. Sometimes clients may not be aware of any hazardous materials in existence at their property and in such cases, a full report would be prepared and provided to the client.

An example of a common high risk hazardous material would be asbestos and we have experts on hand who are fully equipped to be able to deal with the safe removal and disposal of such a material.

Further examples of instances where chemicals or hazard materials need to be properly assessed and then removed would be in the conversion of barns that may have previously been used to store farming chemicals or other hazardous materials.

We work closely with local environment offices and councils and ensure that all sites are made safe prior to any construction work being commenced. We are able to commission contaminated land risk assessments, Phase 1 studies, site walkover surveys and preliminary risk assessments on sites. We are then able act upon any findings, swiftly and promptly and to deal with the safe removal of chemicals or hazardous material to make the site safe for both our workers and our clients. In particular we work to ensure safe working practices for dealing with the hazardous waste, and to ensure that it is stored, handled and disposed of responsibly with all Health and Safety issues, legislation and regulations being complied with.