London Residential Construction Works

Our first ever property refurbishment and modernisation project was in London, it’s therefore no surprise that we developed most of our early experience working in the capital.

London is a place like no other, fast-paced and with a high density of both people and property. As property values in the London area continue to soar well above the national average, there is considerable pressure in the property sector to create more and more residential accommodation, with ever increasing expectations and possibilities due to the rate of construction technology development.

However, many properties in London only receive planning consent on the basis of strict conditions.

Sometimes these conditions are simply in respect of material delivery or waste collection times, but more often than not they involve highly defined stipulations relating to the environment, noise and disturbance to neighbouring properties, as well as to the appearance and observance of the history of the property itself. Access is often difficult, hours of working are frequently restricted and material / waste storage on site is a critical issue to consider when planning a construction project in one of the world’s busiest cities.

At Vanilla – Properties of Distinction, we believe we’re at the cutting edge of what is currently possible to achieve, with the experience and ambition of working through the red tape to make it happen.

london-residential_3So whether you’re planning to extend, to develop your loft or roof, or even to burrow below your property to create a subterranean addition, we are technically experienced, able to help and ready to make your plans a reality. We are quality driven and have a thorough understanding of the needs of our London clients, with a dedicated office located in the capital which takes care of all our clients’ requirements.

We would welcome the opportunity to have a confidential, no obligation meeting with you to discuss your own specific needs, so why not call us today on: 0808 1000 882.