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New Computer Generated Image (CGI) service now fully operational

Our clients tell us that one of the hardest things for them to do when embarking on a project, is to visualise the end result. Sometimes a client will know exactly what they want, but cannot describe it; other clients simply do not know where to start, which causes project delays and anxiety. Our new CGI visualisation service means that we can produce images long before it is necessary for our clients to commit to a particular style, design or layout. This will simplify the process of design and it will also speed up the decision making process for our clients, smoothing the pathway to a worry free and successful project.

An example of a barn conversion using CGI

An example of a prestige kitchen using CGI

This service and facility is now available to our clients for every stage of the project, from the initial concept and design right through to the choice of kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom fit out and even décor! In short our clients are now able to see exactly what their finished home will look like , before we even lay a brick or dig for a foundation trench.

If you are thinking of embarking upon a construction, enlargement, modernisation or refurbishment of a property and you are unsure how to start that process, why not contact Vanilla-Properties of Distinction .  Letting you see the finished result before the project even begins. Contact us on 0808 1000 882.




Substantial detached house construction, roof now taking shape.


Having been engaged to construct a significant detached residential dwelling in Leatherhead we have now advanced to the roof tiling stage.  The entire structure will be dry by mid February with all tiling and lead flashing completed. This is a significant and complicated roof covering a near 7000 sq ft family home.

For all residential enlargements, improvements and modernisations, no matter how large make Vanilla-Properties of distinction your first port of call. Contact us on Tel. 0808 1000 882



Another completed project with a faultless building regulation sign off.

Having been engaged to substantially enlarge our client’s unique period residence on the outskirts of Normandy in Surrey, the project is now fully complete. This particular property, having been constructed during the Victorian era. was built on a flood plain and in an area with a very high water table. With significant urban development in the major towns nearby, the burden on the water table has increased over time and the whole area is now prone to flooding. When the foundation trenches were originally excavated by us at some 1.8m in depth, they were full of water within 24 hours, and that was during summer!! It became necessary to operate a water pumping system around the clock in order to create sufficiently dry trenches so that the high strength foundations could be poured. A ventilated block and beam system was used to construct the base of the extension and water diverting channels and drainage solutions were constructed around the perimeter of the property so that future high water levels would not harm the structure. A close and positive working cooperation with Guildford Council Building regulations and Control department has led to a completed structure which our clients are delighted with and building control has signed off without comment or any advisor observations.



If you own a property in an area liable to flooding or simply where you have a high water table beneath and around your property and want to know if enlarging, modernising or improving your property is possible, then why not call Vanilla-Properties of Distinction on Tel. 0808 1000 882






An evening in the company of perhaps the best Rugby Union referee in the world.


We were delighted to support our friends at the Rugby Club of London with their recent fund raising evening, raising money for the Matt Hampson Foundation.

Nigel has become a household name and the face of equality and equal opportunity in the sport of Rugby Union and the much wider  sporting arena. His authority, sharp wit and some would say daunting persona on the pitch belies his totally humble, warm and humorous face to face demeanour. As an after dinner speaker, Nigel is second to none and last week at this marvellous event hosted in the Montcalm Hotel adjacent to Marble Arch London W1, Nigel did not disappoint.  A veritable treat was on offer, with everything from childhood memories, early officiating experiences, through to stories surrounding many premiership, European and even a Rugby World Cup final in 2015, all combined to make an evening to remember. 

Items such as a boxing glove autographed by the world heavy weight champion Antony Joshua, dinner at Gordon Ramsey, a helicopter tour of London and even a spa break in Tuscany, were all auctioned with the money  raised going to fantastic causes including the Matt Hampson Foundation, our chosen charity for 2017.

We would like to thank Simon and everyone at the Rugby Club of London for all his efforts in putting together a fabulous evening of fun, laughter and fund raising.

Vanilla-Properties of Distinction proud to serve the local community tel. 0808 1000 882


Supporting a great cause with a truly enjoyable event.


We were proud to have been able to support our friends at the NFU Mutual Insurance along with Romans International Prestige cars at their Gala evening in aid of Dream Flight at the magnificent Romans International motor showroom in Banstead, Surrey.

Surrounded by Ferrari’s, Aston Martin’s, Lamborghini’s and even a pair of Bugatti’s, one of which was a brand spanking new ‘Chiron’.  G. Collins and Sons, jewellers to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II, had a fine display of magnificent jewellery, Armin Strom watches were also on show. 

G. Collins and Sons jewellers donated a white gold and diamond necklace, Armin Strom watches donated a watch and Max Chilton the Indy’ car racing driver donated one of his competition worn racing helmets.  Natasha Baker gave a stirring speech about her illustrious career as a Paralympic Equestrian competitor and winner of 5 gold Paralympic medals and a total of £20,000 was raised for the charity ‘Dream Flight’.        

Overall, a very successful evening raising money for a wonderful and worthy cause, for more about Dream Flight go to the charity website It was great to meet with so many friends and former/ future clients at this event and we would like to thank you all for attending and supporting this deserving cause.


Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area (SPA)

Habitats and species regulations 2010.

We have obtained planning consent to redevelop a plot of land within an agricultural farm on the outskirts of Woking. As a special condition to the planning consent, there is a strict requirement to satisfy article 75 of the Habitats and species regulations 2010 (as amended in 2012), this is in order to be able to convert the use of the land from agricultural use to land for residential dwelling houses.

Many land owners situated within the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area (SPA) believe that it is impossible to redevelop their land for other purposes such as residential development. Many are aware that it may be possible but simply feel that it is too complicated, time consuming or costly to do this.

This is an area in which we are experienced, not only do we understand these often unheard of regulations but we have also successfully navigated a route through these regulations and negotiated for and obtained the necessary Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area (SPA) avoidance protocols to enable our clients to develop their land.


If you own land, property, outbuildings or barns in an area designated as being within the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area (SPA) why not contact Vanilla- Properties of Distinction for a free initial consultation and discussion with a view to find a suitable strategy to unlock the capital in your assets.



Green light given to barn conversion- Planning conditions satisfied.


Asbestos removed, hazardous chemicals and pesticides removed and site certified as free from contamination. Planning consent was granted on the strict condition that all asbestos , hazardous chemicals and pesticides were removed from this old disused barn. Additionally it was necessary to engage specialist ground condition inspectors to carry out a full and thorough examination of the entire site including the surrounding agricultural land. A full and thorough site clearance and decontamination exercise was carried out and we are pleased to report that the site has been classified as thoroughly fit for redevelopment and residential habitation.

These photographs show some of the stages of the removal of the asbestos sheeting covering the barn. Another of the strict planning consent stipulations is that the existing steel frame of the barn must remain in-situ and be re used as part of the barn conversion works.

If you have contaminated land or outbuildings or property that have fallen into disrepair and are no longer fit for purpose, why not ask us to carry out a detailed survey to establish whether there is the potential to unlock your asset and maximise its financial potential to you. Tel. 0808 1000 882





 If you are thinking of embarking on a construction project but concerned that it may be too complex or difficult to arrange, why not  contact Vanilla – Properties of Distinction on 0808 1000 882. 

Flattening the Surrey hills

We are currently trebling the size of our client’s residential property.  Our client’s property is a substantial detached home set within a significant plot of land. The construction scheme has used the full width of our clients plot leaving only a 1.1m strip to one side in order to provide rear garden access. The construction project is expected to last about 8 months, we are presently at the half way stage. Our client’s tell us they were attracted to the area by the magnificent undulating countryside around them.

However, as the construction project has progressed they have become increasingly concerned about the levels of the existing very mature rear garden and lawn. The lawn slopes left to right across the width of the house by circa 1.5m (across a 25m width) with a further slope from the house to the rear boundary of circa 1.7m (over a length of 100m). Our clients posed the question, can you make our garden flat? The answer was “yes” but doing so presented a massive logistical challenge.


A retaining wall was created on the low side of our clients garden using railway sleepers bolted together to a total height of 1.5m and again 2/3 of the way down the garden across the width. The next step was to bring 560 cubic metres of soil round to the rear of the house and depositing this within the newly created raised railway sleeper  area. The limited access along the side of our client’s property (which was reduced to 1.1 metres following the enlargement works), meant the entire quantity of material had to be wheel barrowed around by hand.


New high grade densely grown turf was acquired from Norfolk and this was then hand laid and rolled over the entire area. The result, a beautiful new completely flat lawn set within an undulating landscape. Next, we are creating a sunken path with a Pergola, a sunken seating area for 24 adults incorporating a fire pit,  along with a bark covered play area for our client’s children with a wild flower meadow,  all seemingly taking our clients land into the horizon beyond their boundary.

 If you would like your garden landscaped, whether part of an overall enlargement and modernisation scheme, or simply as a standalone landscaping project,  contact Vanilla – Properties of Distinction on 0808 1000 882


Foundations laid for six bedroom, detached house in Leatherhead

Vanilla –Properties of Distinction have started work on a substantial six bedroom, near 5000 square feet, prestige property build in Leatherhead, adjacent to the Surrey Hills.   After careful excavation under the supervision of a historical archaeologist due to the fact that our client’s property is being constructed on the site of a former mediaeval burial ground, we are now hand laying the concrete foundations.


This house is going to be built to a ten month time scale, it will feature architectural glazing, extensive use of reclaimed materials, handmade clay bricks and oak cladding but despite the use of these traditional materials, it will have a contemporary appearance. Internally there will be high technology facilities with the latest in electronic lighting, audio-visual and security equipment.


We will be posting more images of this project as it progress between now and the summer of 2018.



If you own a plot of land and you are looking to create your dream home, why not call Vanilla-Properties of Distinction on:-

0808 1000 882.





On the move in London!

Our London Projects Office has now relocated to Number 4, Old Park Lane, Mayfair, one of the most prestigious zones of the West End.   These impressive and attractive new premises provide us with all the resources and facilities required  to provide a first class customer experience for our London projects.   If meeting in one of the most attractive  period properties in London  is not enough….. we are nestled between some of London’s most prestigious hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs.  A great place to do business in a relaxing, progressive and totally motivating environment.

Contact Vanilla – Properties of Distinction on 0808 1000 882


Taking care of hidden issues and defects, all part of the “Holistic” home approach!

Having been engaged to significantly extend and modernise a substantial detached family home located near to the magnificent landmark known as “Box Hill”, it soon became clear that alterations made to the property more than two decades ago , had led to a potentially very unsafe home.

When we were initially engaged our clients informed us that a large crack regularly appeared within the decorated plaster covering the opening between their lounge and dining room. By all accounts this crack needed to be filled and painted twice a year. It had become part of our clients routine maintenance list and considered by them to be “characterful”.

Once uncovering work began it became apparent why this crack in the decoration continued to re-emerge almost immediately after decorating.

The pictures below evidence what we discovered;

This view shows our client’s lounge ceiling fully removed and part of the plaster covering the opening between the lounge and dinning room removed also. We discovered a row of old roof tiles had been inserted and cemented together under which a rough sawn 8″x 1″ timber had been affixed to hold these tiles in place whist the cement was setting. It had been intended by whomever had removed the original wall that these materials would adequately support the first floor and roof above the opening. No building control inspector would ever have approved of this.

This close up view of the old roof tiles cemented into the opening shows just how inappropriate this solution was , there had not even been the slightest attempt to support the load being placed upon it.

This further close up view showing the corner of the opening gives a real sense just how dangerous this opening had become since the removal of the structural support wall more that 2 decades earlier.

Although our clients had imagined that something was potentially untoward in the opening between their lounge and dining room, they had absolutely no idea how dangerously they had been living in their home! They were relieved when our structural engineer proposed a replacement solution with appropriate structural integrity, meeting with approval of the building control inspector. Watch this space for further news on this project.

This issue demonstrated the importance in taking a holistic approach to any alterations that are to be  made to a property. Our approach is to consider the entire house , to examine earlier works and to make sure that both the existing house as well as any proposed additions meet with current regulations and building control approval. This example also highlights the importance of engaging a contractor to thoroughly examine all of the house not just the areas involved with your current ideas. No one wants to face unexpected expenditure but ignoring potential structural issues can lead to serious consequences.

If you are thinking of modernising and enlarging your home why not contact Vanilla-Properties of Distinction who can arrange for a complete and thorough inspection of your property and provide you with solutions in a fully comprehensive  manner, this is what we call a “Holistic” home approach.

0808 1000 882 or email



Unexpected find, project now back on track.

Our clients engaged us to construct a significant enlargement at the rear of their prestigious country house. Having lived there for more than two decades , our clients thought they knew everything there was to know about their home. As soon as we obtained local authority planning consent the construction works were started in earnest. Once we started the ground works, forming the foundation trenches in readiness for the new footings, we came across an unexpected clay pipe running across the width of the rear of our clients property, just two metres from the rear wall at 1.1 metres depth. Our clients property is surrounded by large mature trees , due to the proximity of these trees the building control inspector demanded an increase in the foundation depth to 1.5 metres. What we discovered was a main sewerage pipe serving several of our clients neighbouring properties , the pipe was not shown on our clients property deeds and they were blissfully unware of its existence. Had the building control inspector not have demanded the increase in depth of the foundations, the sewerage pipe would never have been discovered. The sewerage pipe is the property of Thames Water. Thames Water had no record or knowledge of the existence of this sewerage pipe.

The discovery meant close liaison with Thames Water and close cooperation with our clients neighbouring property owners. An engineering design solution was produced , submitted to Thames Water and approved by them. The sewerage pipe had to be extracted , diverted, re-laid and connected back to the main sewerage system before work on our clients new extension could continue.

The foundation works are now back underway, our construction efforts have been ramped up in order to ensure minimal impact on the project completion schedule.

If you believe your property may have a communal sewerage pipe , or if you are aware of a sewer or main drain serving you and your neighbours properties and you think this maybe an obstacle stopping you enlarging your property, there is no need to worry. Make your first call Vanilla- Properties of Distinction who will be only too happy to help you.

0808 1000 882 or email


Maximizing our clients investment.

Our clients are farm owners with a significant area of  agricultural land located just outside Guildford in Surrey. The property is sited within the green belt and as an additional complication and hurdle to obtaining planning consent it is also within the “Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area”. Our clients have made many planning applications over the past two decades in a bid to try and maximize the potential locked into their farm, to no avail.

Our brief was a simple one;…..what scheme will achieve both the maximum capital value return to our clients and also receive the all important local authority planning consent?

After much consultation with the local authority planning department, consideration of the site, its environment, the previous failed applications and the local authority’s strategic development plan, we concluded that it would be possible to construct three residential properties.

Working in complete cooperation with the local planning authority case officer, a design scheme was created by us and proposed to the local authority planning department. The scheme received local authority planning consent in just 46 days!!

Work has already begun on site, watch this space.

If you are a land owner or a farm owner and want to maximize the potential locked into your land or farm then why not contact Vanilla- Properties of Distinction for an entirely no obligation consultation and discussion.

 0808 1000 882 or email



Planning consent gained, against all odds in leafy Surrey.

Vanilla- Properties of Distinction are absolutely delighted to have been able to have obtained full planning consent for our client’s significant property enlargement.

We were initially engaged to thoroughly examine the existing house structure and advise on how best to maximise the usage of the existing accommodation and additionally as to how their home could be enlarged. Our clients were aware that a number of other properties in the immediate vicinity had been declined planning consent for various construction schemes but were keen to explore all possibilities. To make matters worse our clients property was located in a RASC area which effectively meant any revision  to its current design had to conform to the general appearance of the street, sympathetic to the neighbouring  properties, all whilst being significantly larger and more imposing. A tough ask. 

A complete redesign of the existing property lay out as well as a fully worked up design scheme almost doubling the size of the existing house was produced, along with a fully considered and particularised planning statement. These were submitted to the local planning committee for consideration.

Almost immediately our client’s neighbours, the local parish council, residents association and other interest groups raised objections to the proposed scheme.

Working closely with the local planning authority, carefully considering all of the objections raised, making adjustments to the proposal and proactively cooperating with the local authority has resulted in our clients obtaining full consent to modernise and enlarge their home which will now result in a magnificent property.

What our client had to say:

I can’t thank the team at “Vanilla” enough for their professional approach to achieving our planning consent, it was an extremely complex application and not once did we doubt that we wouldn’t get it approved such was our confidence in them.

The expertise involved and commitment to hit the ever moving deadlines imposed by the local authority was outstanding, meaning we could get on with leading our lives as normal without any of the stress that would have been involved for us otherwise.

Miss M . Leatherhead.

If you are considering the modernisation and enlargement of your property and you believe you will have or perhaps you have already experienced objections, obstacles or have even had an application declined why not contact Vanilla -properties of distinction, carefully considered strategies , sympathetic design schemes and a cooperative approach to the local planning authority are all part of the service.

 0808 1000 882 or email





We are now fully fledged members of the Federation of Master Builders

 Having been approached by the Federation of Master Builders, we were persuaded to consider becoming full members.

 As part of the federation’s checking and vetting process, we provided one of their senior construction inspectors with full and unfettered access to one of our recently completed projects, a £5m development located in the green belt, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, in the Buckinghamshire countryside.

The inspection passed with flying colours, and as members, not only are we beneficiaries of the support and services they provide but our clients will also obtain significant benefits.

Among these benefits is a fully comprehensive construction project warranty scheme option. If you’re considering a project it’s always worth checking to see who the contractor is affiliated to. Speak with us today and discover the benefits you’d receive through a project with us.

 0808 1000 882 or email

Agricultural Barn Conversion – Under Way!

Conversion of an Agricultural Barn into Three Residential Dwellings

Having been consulted following a number of failed planning applications, to construct a residential dwelling on land situated in the green-belt, we were facing a significant challenge. Not only had our clients made several planning applications, they had even appealed a planning application refusal…

 Having been consulted following a number of failed planning applications, to construct a residential dwelling on land situated in the green-belt, we were facing a significant challenge. Not only had our clients made several planning applications, they had even appealed a planning application refusal.

 We fully evaluated both the site and the complete planning history and navigated our way to a satisfactory conclusion for our client. Following careful consultation with the local planning authority, we are now in the process of converting an existing asbestos steel framed agricultural store, into three separate residential units.

 Our design is for a contemporary appearance, with the barn being externally part-natural oak, part-brick.

 Work is now well underway and will include the creation of garden curtilage and full landscaping as well as the provision of an access road. The existing structure being remote, has no mains services and these are also being provided by us as part of our complete service package.

 Watch this space as the project unfolds…!

 If you have land or outbuildings and want to discover their full potential, contact us today

 0808 1000 882 or email


Adding More Capacity and Capability to our Design Offering

We are pleased to announce that we now have, working ‘in-house’, a fully qualified RIBA accredited chartered architect, who is also an associate member of the Association of Project Managers.

This will give us the ability to respond even more swiftly to enquiries from potential clients who have not yet engaged any design services elsewhere, or where they have done so but those designs are either inappropriate or cannot be built. Our aim, is to continually expand our complete Design to Completion service.

Contact us today without obligation and tell us what you want to do with your property. Let’s see if we can make it a reality.

08081000882 or email


Esher Office Now Fully Open!
As part of our rapid expansion programme, our  new office in Esher, Surrey, is fully operational.
Located in one of the most attractive period buildings in the centre of Esher, we now have the perfect base from which to service our growing number of clients in the area. The office is primarily focusing on a 15-mile radius from Esher, but is able to service potential clients at greater distances using the very convenient local road network, with the M25, M3 and M4, all being less than 10 minutes away from the office.
If you are considering a project and want to discuss with us the options for unlocking your property’s potential, then simply contact with us today without any obligation.
08081000882 or email



Elmbridge Building Control Services introduce Vanilla – Properties of Distinction to CRL insurance backed warranty scheme.  

We are proud to announce a new service initiative that we are launching .   Following recent liaison with Elmbridge Building Control Services Ltd (EBCS), who carried out the building control inspection regime on a prestigious property which Vanilla – Properties of Distinction recently completed, we are now able to provide a 10-Year insurance backed guarantee* against our work through CRL Insurance Services when the work has been rigorously inspected by building control.  We have been invited to take part in this initiative as a contractor offering this scheme.  

We can therefore now offer, subject to approval and agreement,  to provide all clients with the option of a local authority recognised building regulations inspection regime combined with a warranty with insurance backing through CRL ( following project sign-off and the issuing of a  completion certificate .

This is a superb opportunity for our clients to ensure their project is not only being scrutinised to the highest standards,  but also peace of mind that our work is thoroughly inspected by building control and  is backed up  by a comprehensive warranty.

*Subject to approval, contract and agreement.

If you are looking to enlarge, modernise or improve your home, why not engage Vanilla – Properties of Distinction, the option of  a 10 year guarantee  could make all the difference!



0808 1000 882 or email



Esher, Surrey.

Vanilla – Properties of Distinction complete the substantial enlargement of a prestigious residence, well in time for Christmas entertaining!

Having been engaged to provide the total package of services; from concept, design and engineering, through to planning, construction phase and even carpeting and hanging their clients curtains for them, Vanilla – Properties of Distinction have completed the project in a timely manner and for the exact price of the original estimate.

Elmbridge Building Control Services (EBCS) have carried out their final inspection, issued the completion certificate and the client has a beautifully extended home ready to entertain family and friends.

If you are thinking of extending, modernising or remodelling your home and need a simple, efficient and complete service with a reliable estimate, call us first… our total service offering and a fixed price estimate make budgeting and planning your project so much more relaxing and certain.

0808 1000 882 or email




Planning consent obtained in conservation zone with high flood risk..

Vanilla – Properties of Distinction is delighted to have obtained full planning consent to extend their client’s prestigious residence in the Esher conservation zone. 

Obtaining full planning consent within a conservation zone can be among the most complicated applications; in this case the position was made more complex due to the fact that the house is also in a street considered at risk of flooding and where development affecting ground water levels must also be considered. The application was considered by the conservation zone Advisory Committee and the Planning Conservation group.

After navigating these hurdles and producing an acceptable design and flood risk management solution, consent has been granted thus clearing the path for our client to extend their home yet further with us (this is our second successful planning application for the property this year).






If your home is in a conservation area or in an area considered a flood risk and you are thinking of enlarging or modernising, perhaps you’ve already had an application turned down or been advised not to make an application – why not contact us now for a no obligation meeting and discussion to see what we can do for you.

0808 1000 882 or email

Vanilla – Properties of Distinction selected to re-design a significant family home in Leatherhead, Surrey.

We are delighted to have been chosen to create a complete enlargement, modernisation and redevelopment scheme, of a substantial detached private dwelling at one of Leatherhead’s most prestigious addresses.

The scheme will more than double the existing internal space and will include the complete redesign of the external facades and replacing the entire roof in order to facilitate a massive loft conversion. Once the design work is completed, this will be a near 9-month construction project.

If you are considering an enlargement or modernisation of your home, why not consider our holistic approach by using our entire array of services. This is the simplest way to ensure a smooth running, easy communication project engagement with one firm, from start to finish.We can take care of every aspect of the project; from reaching an agreed design and engineering solution, to fitting and putting the finishing touches to flooring, bathrooms, kitchens, external landscaping, all down the finest details of any area’s specification.

0808 1000 882 or email



 Planning Authority processes and all other regulatory requirements. Call us today and let us manage your project from concept to completion.

0808 1000 882 or email

Unexpected find in Farnham…

Having been engaged to build a residential annex structure adjacent to our client’s prestigious Edwardian manor house, we were in the process of extracting the ground in readiness to build new foundations, when we unexpectedly uncovered a 12 cubic metre, brick built, underground structure, just 60cm beneath the lawn. Our clients were blissfully unaware of its existence and it did not show on the house plans or title deeds.

Following further investigation, we established that this was in fact an early attempt to create a sceptic tank, long before main sewage was installed at the property. After further exploratory digs, it was established this tank was part of a series of three connected tank, a sort of three stage sceptic cleaning system, perhaps an attempt to create an early period Klargester type bacteria self-cleansing system.

The underground tank was right in the line of the foundations of the proposed new annex and it was necessary to engage our engineer, the building control inspector and some very quick thinking from all involved to devise a system of concrete overbuild thus preserving this original feature, whilst allowing us to continue with the construction project unhindered.



































If you have a potential underground hazard or issue or other obstacle which you feel is stopping you from enlarging your property, have no fear, Vanilla – Properties of Distinction is very experienced in overcoming both the expected and the unexpected!

0808 1000 882 or email


Dorking, Surrey…Access all areas!

Vanilla – Properties of Distinction are engaged to carry out a partial demolition, reconstruction and modernisation of a period family home in the historic market town of beautiful Dorking. Fast becoming renowned for our ability to move swiftly and efficiently from initial consultation to engagement, this is yet another very complex project; a terraced house with very limited access from the road making the removal of waste materials and delivery to site of new construction materials a real challenge.


CMD3DK 21/07/2012 Dorking Surrey UK. A steel sculpture of two cyclists designed and built by artist Heather Burrell newly erected on the A24 London Road, Dorking, on the route of the Olympic Road Race. Road signs showing cycle routes.

If you are considering a construction project, think you may have difficult access issues and maybe you’ve been put off by the thought of how it could be done, why not call us now for a confidential appraisal without obligation. We’ve never yet  found a project that couldn’t be done!!

0808 1000 882 or email


London…Mission Possible!

Vanilla – Properties of Distinction win another London engagement. By solving a number of difficult logistical issues involved in accessing a house located on a very busy London street with little or no vehicular access, we were able to demonstrate not only that we were the right choice to handle the construction itself, but also the demolition and materials handling aspects too. Our engagement involves the total demolition of an existing structure as well as reconstruction and complete fit out too.

D60DEH London Underground sign, London, UK


If you have a London property with access, parking or other tricky issues putting you off, why not give us a call now, we’ll show you how!!

0808 1000 882 or email


Winning in Esher!

In the heart of the beautiful Esher conservation area, our client’s stunning detached residence will undergo a substantial rear enlargement to provide much needed additional living and dining space. Our experience in producing designs for properties in conservation areas and also in areas of outstanding natural beauty, is such that great consideration has been given to the methods that both meets with client expectations and the preferences of the local planning authority. Watch this space as the project unfolds…

CA8KAE Ultimate ridden by Danny Cook takes the last in the Markel Insurance Henry VIII Novices´ Chase at Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher, Surrey - 03/12/2011 - CREDIT: Martin Dalton/TGSPHOTO


If you live in a conservation area, a listed building, or you’ve had planning permission refused, there is still hope. Why not let us look at your property and find out what we may be able to do for you. Call us now for a confidential discussion, completely without obligation. We’ll visit you free of charge and give you an honest and straight forward assessment. 

0808 1000 882 or email


Relocation of our Head Quarters to Priory Country Park, now completed!

We are delighted to announce that we have now relocated our headquarters to a wonderful new propose built premises in the heart of the Priory Country Park development. Our new offices, set amidst lakes, parkland, landscaped gardens and adjacent to the great river Ouse, are proof positive of our commitment to create an enjoyable and productive working environment for our people. Additionally, it demonstrates yet further our commitment to build a long-term legacy business for our next generation management and to continue maintaining and improving our service offering.

Stephenson couirt PIC







Vanilla – Properties of Distinction are proud to announce the sponsorship of Mike Fitzgerald a new signing for Rugby Aviva Premiership side Leicester Tigers.

fitzVanilla – Properties of Distinction have always taken a great interest in, and have supported, brilliant young players at Leicester Tigers and this new






Trust-wave-logoWe are pleased to announce that we have recently been accredited with “Trustwave” status by WorldPay, this accreditation is awarded to traders that satisfy the audit criteria of card issuers, this gives an assurance to our clients when making payments to us by credit/debit cards.


If you are planning a significant enlargement to your property why on contact Vanilla- Properties of Distinction, we are very experienced in significant residual property enlargements. Tel. 0808 1000 882.



London’s calling

YORK-HOUSEVanilla – Properties of Distinction are pleased to announce the opening of their new London office. This facility will mean that we are able to respond more swiftly to our London client’s needs, with full conferencing and meeting facilities, parking close at hand and in the heart of London’s West End. This expansion will facilitate rapid growth of our already comprehensive services on offer in the London area. The new office will allow us to provide a dynamic service and solutions to meet all construction needs.


If you are planning a significant enlargement to your property why on contact Vanilla- Properties of Distinction, we are very experienced in significant residual property enlargements. Tel. 0808 1000 882.


Vanilla – Properties of Distinction and the Matt Hampson Foundation

stock-photo-the-word-community-in-cut-out-magazine-letters-pinned-to-a-cork-notice-board-with-push-pins-66589666Vanilla – Properties of Distinction are pleased to announce that they have decided that The Matt Hampson Foundation as their main charity of choice.

It is now possible for all clients of Vanilla – Properties of Distinction to elect to have 5% * of the value of the work they place with the firm donated to The Matt Hampson Foundation.
*Terms and conditions apply, full written details on request.

For more information please call 0808 1000 882