Planning & Regulatory Requirements

We have considerable expertise in dealing with planning applications, and have the resources available to deal with drawing up required paperwork. We are happy to advise on exactly what planning applications might be required in relation to any individual project.

There are many projects which may not need formal planning consent, such as works that can be carried out under the general permitted development order, also known as “Permitted Development”. Understanding these regulations is crucial in taking advantage of this informal planning process, and we are well experienced in navigating these channels on your behalf.

We are also able to provide specialist advice in relation to projects involving areas of special scientific interest (SSI), areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB), Conservation Areas, the Greenbelt and Listed Buildings. In addition we can offer assistance in relation to projects which involve or are adjacent to listed monuments or works involving sites with Archaeological Value. With such specialist requirements, the earlier that consideration is given to the implications surrounding the legal and regulatory strictures, the better prepared you will be in making significant decisions. Why not call us for a confidential discussion and/or consultation if you suspect your project has some form of planning implication requirements which need to be considered.