This is an area in which we have a major specialisation.   Refurbishing property, for whatever reason, must be conducted in a carefully considered way.

Many types of refurbishment work do require building regulations notice formalities as a bare minimum requirement. Many refurbishment projects also require planning permission and this is particularly the case when such works are in a listed building or involve structural alterations.  As part of our engagement, we are happy to carry out the necessary checks into the nature of your property and make enquiries as to whether or not any formal permission’s are required including building regulations notices and building inspection site visits during the course of the work.

Additionally, there may be the need for a party wall agreement if your property is joined to or forms part of another property or is within a multiple occupation property, again this is an area on which we can advise. The property refurbishment work itself frequently exposes pre-existing defects or structural issues which need to be remedied during the refurbishment works and prior to furthering those works.  This is something that any property owner embarking upon refurbishment could easily overlook and it is therefore part of our standard pre-engagement strategy process to ensure that our clients are fully aware of the possibility of such issues so that they may prepare for make contingency arrangements in case such a situation arises.

We are available to discuss all and any property refurbishment requirements regardless of the scale of the proposed works. Why not call us for free, no obligation discussion?