Space and Environment planning

Frequently there are specific requirements in relation to the use of a property. Often it is necessary to arrange precise planning of the available space.

Careful re-organisation of existing space to make better use of that space can bring considerable benefits. Implementing an environmental programme which takes account of pre-agreed environmental factors in the process of utilising space is an area in which we can also assist you.

There are many aspects of environmental control. For example, the creation of an area with a specific dew point or humidity requirement.  There are also occasions when dehumidification, refrigeration or finely controlled temperature are major factors and these are all areas in which we have considerable experience and expertise to offer to our clients.

When constructing an indoor swimming pool, for example moisture and air borne chemical’s such as chlorine must be effectively controlled. This is crucial to protect the structure of the building itself and key to creating the perfect environment conditions in which to enjoy the pool room.