The Process

The Process – Getting It Right

First of all, everything begins with an idea.

We believe that it is fundamental to the smooth running of a project that the contractor or project manager is engaged at the earliest possible opportunity.

So often we meet with clients who have already commissioned a third-party designer to solely create the current/proposed designs in order to achieve planning consent through the local authority, without having spoken to or chosen a contractor or project manager.

In addition, we frequently discover that the client’s third-party design, often already approved by the local authority, has not been subjected to any engineering considerations and has not undergone a proper budgeting exercise.

The contractor and project manager, with a wealth of experience of handling a myriad of different projects, should always participate in the design and pre-planning application process. That is exactly how Vanilla – Properties of Distinction operate. Our knowledgable team of project managers have amassed vast experience in a range of different situations. Here at Vanilla – Properties of Distinction, we always ensure that what we are designing and planning to build has been given complete consideration by the people that will be involved in getting the project over the line and completed.

This is actually the key to how the pre-construction phase should be thought through, the project cost estimated, along with a thorough site investigation, even looking at ground conditions, neighbouring properties and access points. Among the worst cases of ill-considered construction design we have come across, we were engaged by a client whose designer and engineer had not even visited the client’s property, relying instead on measurements taken by the client and photographs. Our client commented:

“We are more than happy to talk to any of your prospective clients, and explain that they should for their sanity be using you guys for the full service, thanks for your help and understanding”. (Mr C, Dorking)

Here at Vanilla – Properties of Distinction, we strive to ensure that, the approved (or pending approval) design is sure to end up being in line with the client’s original budget expectations. Frequently, the lack of joined-up thinking when a project is not properly planned only becomes clear once the third-party design is finally engineered, costed and construction is about to begin. To avoid this scenario, we offer a range of total project engagement solutions.

Very few people embarking on a project would understand the pitfalls of proceeding in the wrong order, putting the project in jeopardy before it even begins. When a client finds themselves in this position and contacts us, they need a guiding hand to get their project back on track and they can be assured of a clear assessment and a swift proposal regarding how we can best assist them going forward.

​A client recently commented:​

“We purchased an undersized residential dwelling on 16 acres, set in the so called ‘green belt’. Our intention was to create a more appropriately sized abode for our large family in keeping with the rural setting and the age of the original property, together with an indoor swimming pool and tennis court. However, we completely underestimated the complexities of navigating through local authority planning consent and permitted development rights required to develop the plot. At one point we feared that we had made an expensive mistake buying the place but Vanilla – Properties of Distinction helped steer our project through this minefield and created a spectacular end product which was beyond our expectations. In essence, Vanilla – Properties of Distinction performed the role of architect, project manager, builder and interior designer plus provided all the skilled trades to deliver a quality solution. We now have a very special, bespoke family house that we are proud to call home.” (Mr & Mrs P, Home Counties)

Vanilla – Properties of Distinction were delighted to get this project on-track for our client and completed within budget and on time.

At Vanilla – Properties of Distinction, we can offer a different proposition altogether. Our turnkey services are holistic and joined-up, creating an initial design and engineering package following full site investigations, consultation with the construction project manager, agreed budgeting and time frame all leading to a smooth path for the whole project.

What do I do next?

Call us here at Vanilla – Properties of Distinction on 0808 1000 882 and we will arrange for one of our project professionals to meet with you and discuss not only your ideas but everything about your project.

The Process